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I don't like the new IDs on deviantart. But there is nothing I can do about it, isnt it?

Metro feature - FINALLY!

Thu Nov 11, 2010, 10:08 AM
Finally, here comes my METRO feature I promised to do. Inspired by the impressing book by Dmitry Glukhovsky "Metro 2033" I decided to do a feature JUST about pictures taken in the metro/underground. Many people wanted to be featured, and here we go:

First of all I feature Gugor, because he LIVES in Moscow and made some beatiful shots especially at the places the book "Metro 2033" takes place. He's a big fan of Glukhovsky's work, too! Besides that, he's also the admin of the amazing group


:thumb176752423: :thumb168257035: :thumb162251785:

The last picture shows the place in the beginning of the book, if you're a fan of sci-fi based apocalyptical storys you should defenitely read it! (;

For one moment by ValianeKaribou Long road to ruin by ValianeKaribou Train Jakarta by eyesweb1
:thumb173944610: waiting by dont-wanna-hear Metro by Denneris
Naschmarkt by Denneris Warschauer Bridge by ErinM2000 Potsy by ErinM2000
Moscow Metro by Narzull Metro 2033_1 by Narzull Metro 2033_2 by Narzull
Metro by hombre-cz Metro Lights I by FelixElcaranCrowills Metro Lights II by FelixElcaranCrowills
Metro Lights III by FelixElcaranCrowills:thumb149182509: Metro by Mackain
Below of the little Zoo by Thrife Caveworm ahead by Thrife U5 by Thrife
Projet Subway 7 by p0ny2 Projet Subway 3 by p0ny2 Projet Subway by p0ny2
Emptiness by TheOneAndUlmi Escalator by TheOneAndUlmi Subway - I a by TheOneAndUlmi
Metro by Xandriia1 Metro II by Xandriia1 Just Another Manic Monday by aeroartist
Tin Cans - NYC by aeroartist The Faceless Man by aeroartist lines over lines. by rocktoberchild
t u b e by rocktoberchild underground. by rocktoberchild:thumb168037717:
Ghost Lights by theblackbride431 Ghost by theblackbride431:thumb90250446:
:thumb160366794::thumb163708648: Time and Motion 14 by dantordjman
Time and Motion 5 V2.0 by dantordjman Straight line 3 by dantordjman
sin palabras. by Erdbeersternchen Untergruendig. by Erdbeersternchen les hommes qui passent. by Erdbeersternchen

AND I also got a short story :heart: by EstelDreaming

Train Journey SouthThe train was completely dark but it kept moving in the tunnel regardless, its speed never slowing. He felt the presence of others on the train with him but he couldn't feel them moving an inch; they were silent, all too silent.
He tried to merge into the wall behind him, become less visible and make his heart beat slower, quieter. Maybe those around him, like him, were trying to hide from each other or whatever that was out there. In a place like this, where ever it was, something else had to be out there? The purpose of him being here. That unknown thing had to be dark, darker than the pitch black train.  
He was unaware of having no recollection of who he was and that it didn't bother him, no worry that he couldn't place his identity or why he was on this train, forever moving somewhere south. He simply was on this train and he needed to what? Outlast the darkness. The thought wasn't his. He moved his head slightly to the right, where he knew where the passenger seats were

A random feature - COMMENT!

Thu Nov 4, 2010, 2:10 PM
I feature 20 people starting with posts (as I got the Idea from there) and then every one who comments on this journal. I will go through your gallery and feature the images of yours I like most (randomly, don't take it personally or serious! it just depends on my state of tiredness).
If I feature you, then you should continue that game!

#1: Des-Schatten-Schelm
He's a great urban explorer!

Don't thank me for the faves by Des-Schatten-Schelm
digging Coaldigger by Des-Schatten-Schelm Fluffy Bunny by Des-Schatten-Schelm

#2 GoldenGirls
Somehow I think she's allround-talented! She's awesome! (extra space for herrrr!)


Mature Content

Give Me Your Hand In by GoldenGirls

After The Rush. by GoldenGirls The Gardens of Versailles by GoldenGirls
I Will. by GoldenGirls 30,000 ft. 2 by GoldenGirls

#3 Squirrelsquid
He's more than a pixel artist. He also likes Battle Angel Alita!

Gally by Squirrelsquid Weird Assassin Alien by Squirrelsquid
Apple Jelly by Squirrelsquid

#4 TheGreatMC
Boah.. i just discoveres his art and I'm stunned!

Fanfare by TheGreatMC Svarog by TheGreatMC Evil french tree by TheGreatMC
Cubic personalities by TheGreatMC Peculiar individuals - Morgoth by TheGreatMC

#5 nummerni
A photographer who can nearly shoot everything. (:

yule_blur by nummerni
ikea_unfurled by nummerni exercise_in_immobility by nummerni

#6 Lumoroske
He speaks a second language and is drawing-skilled! (:

FE Theme 13: Flutter Sorta by Lumoroske Ditto Sprite by Lumoroske
Animal Sketching Fun by Lumoroske

#7 andrea17733
He's tired and has so little time and I dont know why :bug:

One More Time by andrea17733 Rice Paddy by andrea17733
POSTCARD by andrea17733

#8 naturegirlpokedexter
Boah! Just look at her photos!

I'm Just A Mannequin by naturegirlpokedexter Chamomile Feet II by naturegirlpokedexter
Eagle Stretch by naturegirlpokedexter

#9 DragonPress
Her drawings are SOO damned awesome!

Kirsten Sketch - Final by DragonPress Nina and Me - Sketch Portrait by DragonPress Self Portrait Revamp Full Size by DragonPress

#10 Thrife
He likes strawberries just as me.

The Enlighten One by Thrife Centered High by Thrife
runningandrunningandrunning by Thrife

Devious Journal Entry

Sat Aug 28, 2010, 5:59 AM
As some of you may have noticed I'm making a break with dA
right now. (I'm going to travel a bit and enjoy my late
late holidays). See you later guys! :halfliquid:

A METRO feature!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 2, 2010, 4:06 AM
I'd like to create a feature. A feature about the underground.
The idea captured me by reading the book "Metro 2033" and
talking to :iconthrife: and :icongugor:.

What's the content of the contest?
I will feature everybody who send me their pictures/links to their pictures that have to do with the subway/metro/underground railway/tube. I don't care if those entries are made with a camera, drawn or written!
The deadline will be in some weeks. Let's see who participate! Each person can send me three pictures! Comment here, please.

You may also send me old pictures, you dont have to take new ones!

Afterwards (when I got all submissions) your pictures will be featured and shown in my journal together with a small comment of me.

Sounds fun?

And, by the way; a small feature for :iconyom125: because he gave me my last llama, so that I have a ninjallama nowwwwww! (;

cupcakes by yom125 halo scenery 14 by yom125
yom125 forum sig postapacolyps by yom125

Participants: (in the order of appearance, haha!)



Journal Entry: Wed Jul 28, 2010, 9:57 AM
a feature for selfportraits.
i like how different they all are.

:thumb172916048: Book Nerd -- Self Portrait by ClareDickerson:thumb172925602: Scattered 3 by rickytherockstar:thumb172516337::thumb172396682::thumb172198958: This is me. by underestimatedjodie Self Portrait Revamp Full Size by DragonPress:thumb173050530: Self Portrait Gorillaz Style by Egghead-RJThompson selfportrait by wiiih1993 FFF2 by niccnak Selfportrait charcoal 2001 by kostadinkostov Self Portrait by Stokxcore:thumb168110377: Wielkooki kosmita by cramoisie-fleur:thumb167971129::thumb167685054: dream or daydream selfportrait by JacekHajnos

Old vs New. by chaulafanita Insanity by MilenaSchulz Red by Roosengardt last goodbye id by justaraindrop Sunday Mornings by NotBlackEnough scandinavia by Lonelyta:thumb171076986::thumb170428881::thumb170126230: 136 : 365 by erinaudry:thumb168909956: flowerpower by Illu-sab her fingerprints by darkclau 129: 365 by erinaudry Craftsmen habit 2 by nailone PORQUE LE TENGO MIEDO AL AMOR by meeElllL Selfportrait. by KiraUsagi

SELFPORTRAIT by HerrBuchta Fridge by Hajdarevic:thumb171408612: mirror mirror. by hellolicia Recursive by Gozoo Above The Ground by Pettism Reflecting by leyannis come,take my hand by Lisa-Schneider Selportrait by Osnofa 134 : 365 by erinaudry Put on my shoes by rulebreakr you're in the army now by ezoterka Gold Digger by GarbageLicker butterfly. by AnderssonLinnea FINE AND MELLOW by meeElllL Selfportrait by jescobosa:thumb167754032: citalopram by aurorademasi Tv by jescobosa

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A feature for my lover.

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 6, 2010, 6:08 AM
Today I want to feature somebody special in my life, Thrife :heart:
Because I know he's kind of gloomy right now I want to cheer him up by telling YOU: HEY; HE'S A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY ARTIST; get to know his deviations!


Recently he made a brilliant photo of me (and I rarely say that photos of me are nice at all!) which hasn't been very popular by now. I especially wonder about the lack of comments he gets sometimes! Of course I still have to nag in some points of his picture of me; it's a bit too colourless, I look like a boggle and things like that. Personally, I would have edited the photo like that:

What do you think? I also choose some of my favourite photos of him to exhibit them a bit in my journal. Please help to improve him by making comments or even give a fav on some of his works! Otherwhise you can also comment here and tell me what do you think about his recent works. (:

Little Soul by Thrife

Is a great picture, especially when it comes to contrasts and sharpness. It always reminds me of my favourite Manga, Battle Angel Alita, haha!

Seeing the World by Thrife

Is a brilliant macrophoto of a very uncommon object, Thrife's glasses. Haha! Taken on my carpet!

Welcome to My Own Little World by Thrife Centered High by Thrife

Those pictures underline his love for the technical work that's hidden in pictures (mostly). He likes panoramas, HDRis and stuff like this A LOT. And he's good in it!

On Tour by Thrife

His best friend.

And some other work I like a lot:

Meeting of the Freaks by Thrife
Hunting by Thrife This Lens by Thrife Placeholder ID. by Thrife

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a biiig biiig feature. boah.

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 30, 2010, 11:49 AM
A feature for everybody who gave me a fav recently!

(that is silly, i know
but see, how awesome their work is!)

Architecture Studies XVI by 51ststate

Mature Content

Fear and Loathing by Xundra
korean by asianrabbit
Jump by Erinote Rainbow_Lightning by ninna-nightwish Vous manque by Fatooome
deviantID 4 by zuzanka7771:thumb108387519::thumb167590230:
I did it my way by waterfallheart:thumb150907754: Lost. by j0se00
Good morning Basel II by kantellis Metalmorphosis 2 by ricky4:thumb167822391:
Exotic Optics by Thugnastay227:thumb168551951: Afternoon Warmth by WouterPera
:thumb169281016: fire and ice by theoden06 black lines by FFFrenZy
:thumb167687592: light rivers by wishinbubble Lil' red by melly4260
asleep by DyZzO Fly away by Shosan Florida Key's Sunset by itomicbomb
I Saw Hell by Morphine-Cloud Me 3 by MiaCherri Distorting Time by Devox92
Symphony by PinkHorseInc The Killeroo by blurz:thumb116692702:
BLACK AND WHITE by andrea17733 Another Place... by Roo-PG
molecule by laikuma:thumb169414510: Wonderland Annual XGX by knytcrawlr
Greetings from the Desert by lauricedeephd Arbat by PolinaChernova:thumb153218018:
Creative Energy by Serpent3:thumb157764917: I Live To Make You Free. by awfultosee
Money. by GoldenGirls young and wild by vicxkyz:thumb160612064:
konstruksiyon by ulasbeduk La Fumette by MloyangDrawlo Verde crud by angeD
Portray , ID by StrawberryIceCreme Swings - II by TheOneAndUlmi shine by dinahdinahdinahdinah
'Gutta Aquae' by Lisl89 Work Bench II by myrollingthunder:thumb169547978:
Rose v.8.0 by DreamDorian Kemi 13 by wchild yellow by 0Marsha0

And beautiful words:

:thumb167696983: The AssassinTHE ASSASSIN
Silently he moves through the night
Making not a sound and staying out of sight
He moves through the streets with deadly grace
Without any emotion showing on his face
He has his list and knows what to do
And knows that tonight his victim is you
Into your house he slowly moves
He sold his soul and has nothing to lose
You arrive home and let yourself in
Now it's time for the fun to begin
Drowsy and tired you fall asleep
Killing you will be an easy feat
Slowly he creeps up to your bed
And silently he lowers his head
Quietly he exposes his blade
This he must do for he's already been paid
Skillfully he stabs through the heart
Now it is done, that deed so dark
Silently he leaves this place
A look of sorrow and pain upon his face
A single tear drops from his eye
For it was the one he loved who had to die
Waking UpLight.  Blinding, incredibly bright light.  Blotches of color flashed across my vision, if I stare at the lights too long my vision blurs.  I am laying down…a table I think.  Not too comfortable, either.  Even my small "bed" in my flat offered more comfort.  It smells clean, too clean, like chemicals.  Everything is sterile and uniform.  I feel intrusive in this room, as if I am seeing things I shouldn't; bad things.  No restraints hold me to the table, but from my earlier experience in the cells, I know better than to stretch my aching muscles.  I slightly flex my hand, my thumb twitching just the slightest, and with that movement I can feel that I must have been unconscious for a while.  Possibly more than a day.  I am alone in the room.  Or, at least, it appears that I am alone in the room.  I know they wouldn't leave me truly alone; I am a

(and it will be continued..)

tamagotchi feature.

Thu Jun 17, 2010, 4:59 AM

I want to have a Tamagotchi!
& that's why I make a new feature. [Anybody who'd like to give me their tamagotchi? :XD: ]

Tamagotchi Bag by kickass-peanut Tamagotchi Puchi by muffinfluff Farewell, Tamagotchi by MushroomStomper:thumb139176737:
Tamagotchi. by mediodia Tamagotchi Collection by MissChry Tamagotchi for Jun95 birthday by windsummoner Paper Star- Adult Tamagotchi by KaySeeWee
New Generation by CarekillsKitty Conjoined Tamagotchi Icon by The-Fry-Bat Tamagotchi's bento by xxxKei87xxx
Tamagotchi - Clay Miniature by thinkpastel Totally Tamagotchi by Sarie23 Tama Love by Riona-la-crevette:thumb83350196:


Glee Gum.

The Vincent black Shadow Song.

with my ideas.

My new group!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 15, 2010, 12:59 PM
I've got news for you!

I created a GROUP!

Does this group make any sense?
Yes, it does. Because this is the ultimative chance for you to upload pictures with go strait through things {such as things made out of glass, tubes, rings and everything you can look through}, out  of things {a look out of an extraordinary window, cars, bottles etc} and last but not least into things {a street drain, a toilet bowl and anything else!}.

PLEASE join! : D
I will soon feature everybody who joined recently! muhahaha.. I bribe you!

A pie in the sky.

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 11, 2010, 11:25 AM
A feature for LIAMODEARME who did me a liking! (;

:love: by LIAMODEARME :laugh: by LIAMODEARME

The Grieving Widow by LIAMODEARME Pumpkin explosion 3 by LIAMODEARME Shack by LIAMODEARME
Earth Hour 2010 by LIAMODEARME Minerva and Invidia by LIAMODEARME A Restless Night by LIAMODEARME
Race to the mill by LIAMODEARME Bar by LIAMODEARME


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Awesome feature.

Journal Entry: Tue May 4, 2010, 11:15 AM

Needs more flame paintjob by Gulril:thumb137000721: Pink Stripes by sevensamy
:thumb162732562: Scene sketch 1 by Ivan-hoe Springcomesandgoes by iremtural

Foggy mornin' by s3r4x:thumb161763937:
Ay1 by hilmanfajar the black one by happy-hour
strawberries by seisuzy strawberry Elizabeth by mitsune90 Chiyo-chan by sweetnesskingdom

And a special feature for my strawberrydarling

Welcome to My Own Little World by Thrife

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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 15, 2010, 4:58 AM

My age can be now discribed with a multidigit number with all digits  identical! Or plainly: Today's my birthday!


Oh, look behind you... a three-headed monkey!!

spring spring and Spring!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 12, 2010, 3:11 AM

:thumb156989007::thumb156813467: Calling the fireflies. by Erdbeersternchen
Young Folk by heyisTi

right around the corner by inktice:thumb156979613: One of These days by heyisTi:thumb156980079:
Spring showers by AngiWallace Id like to go somewhere better by KC--Leigh:thumb151534174: Misty Seas by ebonygrey


Oh, look behind you... a three-headed monkey!!

There fell a deep silence.

Wed Mar 10, 2010, 6:14 AM

Computer! They scuttle my career. Did anybody of my fellow friends miss me & my pictures? I hope so. I just wanted to give myself an alibi about my recent silentness - not my camera or my creativity is broken, it's my pc! Therefore I cannot upload anything at all, right now. All those 294739 pictures I took heretofore are condemned to stay on my memory chip.

Do not forget me! And comment, please. So that I know I'm not lonely! :bug:

because i am lame lame lame.

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 15, 2010, 12:06 PM
..and just because my pc is broken i cant upload any pictures right now
which is why i still continue making journal entries and i dont like
making a (.)

:thumb154245550: I Love You. by Bluemoonbirdy
anti rain card by KatDiestel:thumb150412460::thumb154116900:

A feature about faces!

Between by tabouret birds nest... by chpsauce:thumb150595465::thumb146953099:
tfp by Santina Minefield by gimmesympathy never grow old. by fiksacja 0011 by amenitamuscaria
Hurt me more by Pathogens corpse by silmarwenC Let it die by SayinBayan V by Yayfordenial

Octo by RunBrightStar Mud mood by Etienne-RUGGERI On the rain by dimitarmisev:thumb136753877: ID 001 by kaunau:thumb136432251: is short... by ag90 0043. by angelcurls Bow Blue by HollyMossArt:thumb148431923: lush id. by tarcinrengi W-18 by toobesh
:thumb152547658: me avatar by Galaxy88 All U Need Is Just To Be Happy by yonHHHatan freaky by Sesilija:thumb108613373: cradle to cradle by Loos-Coop
perfectly sane by stefiloveskyle Third. by DyaazteenxYearyt:thumb145541496::thumb152544943::thumb152544505:
A B C by Groundbreaking Heartless by JulianeFulmination There Goes Wilson by Kyouheikutie eyes of socrates by omersentuna

:thumb100250613: Hanako2 by bez-satysfakcji 4 by ayla-es Drew A Line by dopz 10 doigts pour 2010 by Etienne-RUGGERI
HH1 by kadettolog:thumb117194089::thumb75137107: smile by gabriell332:thumb141928704:
Kat is a readhead 7 by aprelka My grandma at 96 by Jarl76 The Spoild Brat by TheDreamingDragons:thumb151932601::thumb56461724:
spiderwebs by motato Little Marla by zwankus:thumb145423347: Love and other disasters XII. by BlackProserpine yamukberry by tumbarthut
Mister Lazy by Jarl76 I like you, Cat by mLooni:thumb125207770::thumb152528608::thumb138673350:
:thumb67260964: Pasha by Paranoid-Duckkie:thumb130966626::thumb152550849: Kathrine by Rawia
Quattro by AnotherAutumn:thumb150773478: Winter Gaze III by Freggoboy Caught in-between Two Breaths by escaped-emotions:thumb151224982:

pencakes deserve to be happy.

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 13, 2009, 10:46 AM
a weekly/monthly/daily (no.)/whatever feature for you!

I stumbled across Night-Beast's photos for the second time. they are amazing.


umitugur's night images are like dazzling ladybugs in the midnight sky.


and i totally adore BlackLinerBaby's christmas!


AataRax-ya's masks are stunningly colourful.

Dancing away by AataRax-ya:thumb144985561: Faunus by AataRax-ya

HALLO . ween?

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 31, 2009, 4:59 AM
Ghost love cupcakes by xplaygirlx


please scare me in any way.

let's talk this over.

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 19, 2009, 2:10 PM
today i want to feature 3 artists.


he's such a clever guy by wakemeupinlondon morningly by wakemeupinlondon
clarity by wakemeupinlondon my 18th birthday by wakemeupinlondon
i wish winter had never come by wakemeupinlondon what's the story by wakemeupinlondon


cLimber by VeraAda texture like Sun by VeraAda
GroW by VeraAda Construction by VeraAda


How the little light shines... by CanisLupusMoon Turning around. by CanisLupusMoon
.Attack by CanisLupusMoon Backyard. by CanisLupusMoon